Addiction and the Family

How Addiction Takes Root in the Family

The longer a family waits to seek help for their loved one, the more pervasive and damaging the addiction becomes. Addiction to any mood altering substance is best defined as the physical or psychological compulsion to move out of life and into an altered state of being. If you have a loved one that you suspect may have a problem with drugs or alcohol, the sooner you address the problem, the more positive the outcome will be.

Helping someone who is resistant to treatment can become so overwhelming that many family and friends will wait an average of seven years before they even begin the process. In that seven-year gap the disease of addiction progresses-it waits for no one.

Most professionals who work in the field of addiction agree on one thing: People who have become addicted to mood altering substances are getting sicker "faster and harder." A seemingly endless supply of pharmaceuticals and other drug hybrids has created an atmosphere of cultural acceptance in our society. People who abuse prescription medications have a tremendously high probability of becoming addicted in a short period of time. Alcohol and marijuana remain the most popular drugs in our culture. Often they become normalized in our fast paced world.

Getting to the Solution

There are many treatment approaches for the disease of addiction. The process for recovery is multileveled and multidimensional. Relapse is a common occurrence. It is easy to become frustrated and confused when trying to get help for your loved one. Many families and friends choose to hire a professional addiction consultant to help them make informed decisions. Nancy Knott has helped hundreds of people suffering from addiction and alcoholism find their way back to a healthy lifestyle. Isn't it time to begin the healing process?